Praisebase HELP FILE

Getting started

Overview - Praisebase is a database application for worship teams. It provides a system for keeping track of your songs, sets, and team members and publishing feature that facilitates the creation of an intranet website to share the information with the team.

Requirements - This application will run in the Win32 environment (Windows 95,98,Me,NT,2000,XP). It also requires the Jet database engine. If you have installed Microsoft Office or other products that use the Jet database engine, then you will be ready to run, if not you can download the jet engine here. If you already have the Jet Engine, but you want to make sure that you have the latest version, click here.


To add songs - Click on the "Songs" button or from the menu select VIEW / SONGS. On the songs screen, click "New" to add a new song. Enter all of the relevant data on the "Song Details" and "Base Text" pages and then click "Save". If you have created and saved songs with SongBuilder (.CLO files) then you can import those files by clicking the import button on the bottom of the page.

Entering "Base Text" - If you have worked with Songbuilder, you should be familiar with the "Base Text" format, if not, here is an overview.

Enter the entire song in the "Base Text" pane. Optionally, label parts to the song like "Verse 1" or "Chorus". The chorus can be written out just once and you can probably just enter the chords in one verse intead of all verses (though either is fine).

Enter the chord symbols on the same line with the lyric, not above the lyric. The chord symbols must be surrounded with braces {}. The program will translate the chords to superscript in the HTML version.

Example of how to enter a song in the base document...

{A}This is {Bm}day that the {D}LORD has {A}made

The Chord/Lyric versions that are generated use HTML so don't use greater than ">" or less than "<" symbols in your document.

The key transposition buttons allow for quick key changes. Just click on up or down until you reach the desired key. The Chord box aids in quicker chord entry.

You should always make the first chord also the key. You can edit the chord list if you wish. Press CTRL + the line number of the chord and it will be inserted. Press CTRL + Shift + the line number to add a 7 to the chord. Press CTRL + ALT + the line number to add maj7. This is not a sophisticated chord calculator, just a tool to speed entry, chords not included must be typed in as described above.

To edit songs - Click on the "Songs" button or from the menu select VIEW / SONGS. Select a song then click the "Open" button.

To delete songs - Click on the "Songs" button or from the menu select VIEW / SONGS. Select a song then click the "Delete" button.


To add/edit/delete sets - Click on the "Sets" button or from the menu select VIEW / SETS. Then click "New Set". Enter the data and click OK. Select a set and click "Edit Set" to edit the name, date or team for the set. Select a set and click "Delete Set" to delete a set.

Set list criteria - Notice that on the bottom of the SET screen there is a place to set criteria for the set list. By default it is designed to show sets for all teams for the past 90 days and going forward 30 days. You can change it if you want a different result (for example if you only want to see future sets for a specific team. After you have changed the criteria, click the "Go" link to refresh the list.

Working on the "Selected Set" - When you have selected a set from the set list, you can then add/edit/remove and position the songs in the set. Select a set then click "Open Set" or from the menu select VIEW / SELECTED SET (or double-click the set).

  • Adding songs to a set - From the "Selected Set" screen click "Add Song" and select the song you wish to add.
  • Removing songs from a set - From the "Selected Set" screen click "Remove Song" and select the song you wish to remove.
  • Positioning songs within the set - Select a specific song and then click the finger that points up or down to move the song in that direction.
  • Open song (edit) - From the "Selected Set" list you can also edit the song if you need to, just click the "Open Song" button and it will work the same way that it does from the "Songs" list.


Click on the "Teams" button or from the menu select VIEW / TEAMS. From this screen you can manage teams, members and their talents. From the list at the top of the screen you can choose to work with all members or you can choose to work with just the members of a specific team. By default there is team called "Team A". You can change the name of this team, but you can't delete it, you always need at least one team in the dataase so you can create sets.

Select a team to work with - on the Team screen, drop down the list on the top and choose a team or select "All Members" if you just want to work with member records.

Add/Edit/Delete team - Click "New Team" to a new team to the database. Click "Edit Team" to change the selected team's name. Click "Delete Team" to delete the selected team.

Create new members - To create new members, you MUST FIRST SELECT "All Members" from the list. Then click "Create New Member". Fill in the details and then click OK.

Adding members to a team - To add members to a team, you MUST FIRST SELECT A TEAM. Then the "Create New Member" button changes to say "Add Member To Team". Now when you click that button you presented with a list of members to choose from. Select a member to add them to that team.

Removing a member from a team - The "Delete Member" button also changes (to "Remove Member") when you select a team. When are working with ALL MEMBERS, you are "Deleting" the member, but when are working with a team, you are just removing them from that team.

Editing members - In either mode (All Members or Selected Team mode) the "Edit Member" button works the same, it allows you to edit the member details.

Add/Edit/Delete Talents - In either mode, you add, edit and delete talents for the selected member. The Member table is the "master" table for Talents. The "Talents" are related to whatever member is currently selected. Use "New Talent" to add a new talent, use edit if you need to change it later and delete if you need to remove it.


From the menu select TOOLS / USAGE REPORT to access the report screen. Set the date range and then click "Run Report" to create a report based on the SETS that you have defined.